Welcome to Lucky Dog Daycare!

Lucky Dog DaycareAt Lucky Dog we have daycare, boarding, grooming, training, microchipping, a DIY dog wash and a pet store with locally made pet supplies.

Since we opened in November of 2013 we have been  providing CAGE FREE quality care for thousands of local and national pets. Why do people & pets near and far choose Lucky Dog? It’s simple! We care, we’re qualified, we’re clean, we’re a family! We are committed to helping our community and giving pet owners the peace of mind that their furry family members are having fun in a safe, clean, up to date facility. We are a family because we make it our  mission to know you, your dog and their behavior. We strive every day to meet the needs of you and your pet. We believe in providing business the old fashioned way. You will be greeted every day by a pleasant, experienced staff member with a smile on their face. The services we provide will be professional and affordable. If you have a question we will always have the answer. If you have a concern or problem, we will always have the time to help you. We want you to know that providing quality customer service and gentle, loving care for your family member is important to us.

Why Lucky Dog? 

Because we have something most day cares and boarding kennels do not. Experienced staff. Together, the owners, Stacy and Craig, have over 50 years in the pet care field. Both owners have made caring for pets their life long profession. We have licensed veterinary technicians and assistants on staff. We have adult trainers and pet care professionals. Our staff are mature, experienced caregivers who have been in the animal field for years. Finding staff who “love animals” is easy. Employing people who know what to do with that skill is exceptional. Knowing your dog is being supervised by people who know dog behavior, animal instincts and how dogs play in a pack is an important part of choosing the right daycare for your canine friend.

Cage Free

What does it mean to come to Lucky Dog Luxury Daycare & Boarding? It means your dog is in a cage free environment. They are free to play or rest when they want. Here at Lucky Dog we know what luxury is and we know by our extensive experience what dogs need. At Lucky Dog…

  • Pets have the luxury & freedom to play with friends whenever they want
  • Pets have the luxury & freedom to nap whenever they want
  • Pets have the luxury & freedom to bask in the sun whenever they want
  • Pets have the luxury & freedom to lounge in the pool whenever they want
  • Pets have the luxury & freedom to cuddle & get kisses whenever they want
  • Pet owners have the luxury & freedom to bring their dogs in early and pick up late because we are open from 6:00am to 7:00pm
  • Pet owners have the luxury & freedom to drop off any day they want because we are open 7 days a week
  • Pet owners have the luxury & freedom to request grooming because we have professional groomers here 6 days a week
  • Pet owners have the luxury & freedom to request their dog be trained while boarding or have our trainer come to their home
  • Pet owners have the luxury & freedom to go to work or on vacation knowing their pet is in a safe, clean environment being supervised by experienced staff. 

Need more reasons to come to Lucky Dog? 

How about 12 high definition web cams so you can view your pets while they stay and play. Available for free on our website for desk top computers or as an app you can purchase for your phone or tablet.

We also have something else most kennels do not. Radiant  Heat. Unlike common air blown furnace systems, radiant heat doesn’t just warm the air, it warms the pet, the walls and the rooms. Since radiant heat also warms the floors and the bedding, dogs with arthritis or joint problems are more comfortable while boarding and attending daycare. We also have a state of the of the art ventilation system designed for kennels. It not only circulates the air, it removes contagious air from the building and brings in fresh air from outside. This helps reduce the chances of contagious viruses like kennel cough. Both radiant heat and our specifically designed ventilation system help to ensure your pet will have a healthy stay at Lucky Dog.

We are open 7 days a week  and offer cage free, all day play, daycare, boarding, grooming and training for dogs and cats. We also offer Home Again Micro chipping and a Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash. We supply the bathtub, bubbles, and grooming supplies, you supply your furry friend. Our professional groomers can also do walk-in nail trims, teeth brushing, anal gland expression, ear cleaning  and more. 

Stop by any day, 7 days a week and join our family.

Lucky Dog Luxury Daycare & Boarding, where every dog deserves to be a Lucky Dog!

We have Webcams!

Want to see all the advantages at Lucky Dog for yourself? Check us out…we have 12 webcams! Learn more