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Meet The Owners.

stacyStacy grew up and currently lives in Garden City. She started in the veterinary field in 1985. Since then she has worked as a veterinary technician in a few different daytime hospitals and spent five years working nights at a busy animal emergency hospital in Chicago. Stacy worked at Plaza Veterinary Hospital in Farmington for 19 years and left there in July of 2013 to start Lucky Dog. She has extensive experience working with pets and providing the quality care that they deserve. She is always happy to share her knowledge of animals. Stacy has always had a passion for dogs and has 3 small breed dogs to round out her family. Her husband George and her twins, Lucy and Dino, couldn’t get by without Sammy, Sizzler and Stewie to love on every day. Stacy enjoys breed identification and her favorite breeds are the Pitbull and the Maltese. Stacy is an avid sports fan, especially for the Detroit Tigers. She has played softball for 38 years, is an Advanced Master Gardener, President of the Garden City Garden Club and she enjoys photography.

craig_photoCraig is the former owner of a popular doggie daycare in Livonia. He started Lucky Dog with Stacy during the spring of 2013 to continue his mission of providing quality care to local pet owners. He has been in the animal care field for over a decade. Daycare owner, kennel attendant, cat, dog and sometimes even a people rescuer, Craig has worn many hats over the years. You will find him up front greeting clients and their pets or in the back supervising in the play rooms. He is always happy to see his canine friends for a play date or share his words of wisdom on training and behavior with anyone who asks. He is also a lover of cats and shares his home with three furry felines. phone-and-address